Securing a Stellar Sixth Grade Education for Free: A Homeschooling Adventure

Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic! In this blog post, we embark on an exciting journey to discover how to build a comprehensive and high-quality sixth-grade curriculum without breaking the bank. As a homeschooling family of four, I’ll be sharing my findings and recommendations for a zero cost, first rate education for 6th grade.

Zero Cost First Rate For 6th

Why Sixth Grade?

Navigating the internet to find free resources can be overwhelming. However, I chose sixth grade as it marks a crucial point in elementary education, providing a solid foundation for more advanced studies. Join me as we explore various subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education for our students.


My Plan for Sixth Grade:

Before delving into the details, I’ve outlined my goals for sixth grade, covering essential subjects such as reading, spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary, math, history, geography, science, and even an internet safety course. Stick around to see how we can achieve all of this without spending a dime.


My Assumptions:

I assume you have access to the internet, basic school supplies like pens and pencils, and the motivation to make the most of these free resources. Let’s focus on the core curricula and leave out additional expenses.


Let the Search Begin:

To kick off our adventure, I discovered a helpful list of secular free homeschool resources online. While I’ll start with this list, I welcome your suggestions for any amazing, free, and secular resources I may have missed.

Super Master List By A Superhero on Reddit!

Zero Cost First Rate For 6th

Subject Breakdown:

1. Language Arts:

Common Lit 360: An intriguing option offering free resources for grades 6-12. I explored its potential and it looks amazing.

Core Knowledge: Another solid choice for language arts, providing downloadable workbooks and teachers’ guides.

2. Math:

Core Knowledge: Workbooks and teachers’ guides all free!

Open Up Resources: A supplemental resource for math, offering video lessons and summaries. However, I’ll be combining it with other resources for a more well-rounded approach.

Khan Academy: A reliable base for sixth-grade math, complemented by the workbook practice of Core Knowledge.

3. History and Science:

Big History Project: A fascinating resource that covers both history and science comprehensively. I’ll also supplement science with Middle School Biology to ensure a thorough understanding.

Khan Academy: Offers a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum, aligning with national science standards, to provide students with a thorough understanding of key biological concepts in a self-paced and interactive format

4. Fine Arts:

Google Arts and Culture: An incredible website offering a variety of resources, including games, stories, and virtual tours, making art exploration engaging and fun.

5. Internet Safety:

Be Internet Awesome: A comprehensive program covering internet safety through videos, worksheets, games, and a pledge.

6. Geography:

CIA World Factbook: An outstanding resource for geography, providing information on flags, countries, maps, and more.

7. Foreign Language:

Duolingo: An excellent and user-friendly platform for learning Spanish, promoting independence and engagement.

8. Typing: Essential skills for the digital age, offering engaging and interactive typing lessons.

9. Coding:

Scratch Coding: An MIT-developed platform for introducing kids to coding, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

10. Health: A helpful resource to educate sixth graders on body changes and health topics in an age-appropriate manner.

11. Critical Thinking:

Education World:’s donated worksheets for enhancing critical thinking skills.

Zero Cost First Rate For 6th


Further Thoughts:

As we wrap up this exploration, I want to share my insights on how to spend $100 wisely, investing in learning apps, science classes, or interest-based activities to enhance your child’s educational experience.

I hope you find this guide helpful and empowering in your homeschooling journey. Remember, a stellar education is within reach, even on a tight budget. Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, or questions in the comments below, and let’s make everyday magic in our homeschooling adventures!

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