Unconventional Homeschooling: Leveraging YouTube as a Valuable Resource

Are you ready to inject some creativity and innovation into your homeschooling routine? As a seasoned homeschooling family entering our seventh year of this enriching journey, we understand the importance of finding unconventional yet effective resources to keep the learning experience fresh and engaging. Today, I’m excited to share with you a curated list of top-notch educational YouTube channels that have been invaluable assets in our homeschooling adventure.

YouTube As Homeschool Resource

Before we dive in, let’s acknowledge that homeschooling during what we affectionately refer to as “the dark times” can be challenging. It’s that period sandwiched between breaks where motivation may wane, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems distant. But fear not! This is precisely the time to infuse some excitement into your curriculum and explore resources that offer new perspectives and insights.


History for the Ages with David Hallamy

David, a college history professor, brings history to life with his engaging videos. While his content is ideal for middle and high schoolers, even younger children can find enjoyment and learning in his presentations.


Steve Spangler’s Sick Science!

Science becomes a thrilling adventure with Steve Spangler’s captivating experiments. From DIY science to holiday-themed explorations, his channel offers a treasure trove of hands-on learning opportunities.


Math Is a Drag

Simplifying complex math concepts in just 90 seconds, Math Is a Drag adds a touch of glamour and entertainment to numerical challenges. Perfect for demystifying math for learners of all ages.


Ted Ed

Ted Ed brings the brilliance of TED talks to younger audiences through animated lessons. Covering a wide range of topics, these bite-sized videos make learning both informative and entertaining.


YouTube As Homeschool Resource


PBS / PBS Kids

From educational shows to thought-provoking documentaries, PBS and PBS Kids provide enriching content that sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning across all age groups.


National Geographic / National Geographic Kids

Delve into the wonders of the world with National Geographic’s captivating documentaries and articles. Their kids’ channel offers educational content tailored specifically for young explorers.


Crash Course / Crash Course Kids

Whether it’s biology, history, or economics, Crash Course delivers comprehensive crash courses on various subjects. Their concise yet informative videos are perfect for supplementing homeschool curricula.


Homeschool Pop

With engaging videos covering a wide array of topics, Homeschool Pop makes learning fun and accessible. Their content serves as a fantastic supplement to core subjects.


Sesame Street

A timeless classic, Sesame Street continues to educate and entertain generations of children worldwide. From letters and numbers to valuable life lessons, it’s a staple in any homeschooling curriculum.


Peekaboo Kids

Dr. Binocs and his colorful animations offer answers to curious questions on Peekaboo Kids. Perfect for satisfying young learners’ thirst for knowledge with fun and informative content.


Mystery Science

Unlock the mysteries of science with Mystery Science’s captivating videos and lesson plans. While they offer a subscription service, they also provide a selection of free resources for educators and homeschoolers.


YouTube As Homeschool Resource


Each of these YouTube channels brings something unique to the table, making them valuable assets in any homeschooling toolkit. Whether you’re exploring the depths of history, conducting exhilarating science experiments, or unraveling the mysteries of mathematics, there’s something for every learner on this list.

But here’s the best part: our list doesn’t end here. We believe in the power of community and collaborative learning. So, we invite you to join the conversation. Share your favorite educational YouTube channels in the comments below or connect with us on Instagram. Let’s continue to grow and enrich our homeschooling journey together. Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with what we have to share.

Remember, in the realm of homeschooling, innovation knows no bounds. Embrace the unconventional, and let’s make everyday magic in our homeschools. Until next time, happy learning!


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