What we can homeschool together

This year we are adding a second little one to our daily homeschool mix. My plan for success is to work together on as much as we can. Follow along as I identify what we can homeschool together with both girls. How I plan to add some Dad into the mix and what can easily be a read aloud at bedtime. The 2020-2021 school year is our first year schooling more than 1 kid and I believe the easiest path ahead of us is having school together where possible. First, I have to identify which curriculum pieces can be family pieces. If you have any tips for homeschooling multiple kids, please share!

Links to what we use:

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*Clear Clipboard 

*Erasable Highlighters

**Timberdoodle NonReligious Kits

*3rd Grade Nonreligious Kit 

*2nd Grade Nonreligious Kit 

*PreK Nonreligious Kit 

**Scheduler and Handbook


*3rd Grade 

How to Schedule Your Curriculum Kit


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