What I Am Keeping For 2021


Everyone seemed to be very interested in what I am changing for 2021. I figured you all might be just as interested to hear what I am keeping for the 2021-2022 school year in our homeschool. You guys know that I love my Timberdoodle kits! Links below. I also have found a sweet spot this year for homeschooling 2 kids and little ways that I have helped myself to manage it all. I do plan on sharing more mom stuff soon but this is really the launching point for curriculum season! Please share below, what have you found that just fits you so well that you know you are keeping it for next year? Could be homeschool stuff, could be a laundry detergent. Share your keeper!

I have really found that a solid morning routine for myself has made all the difference in my ability to keep our homeschool day running smoothly. I plan to continue working to perfect my systems so that I don’t have to think about them and can just give myself a break from their burden. Mom life is hard and anything I can do to make it easier, I am willing to work on!

Timberdoodle Kits:

PreK Non Religious Curriculum Kit

3rd Grade Nonreligious Curriculum Kit

2nd Grade Nonreligious Curriculum Kit 

Homeschool And What I Don’t Do

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