Secular and Free: Crafting a Comprehensive 9th Grade Curriculum for Homeschooling

Hey everyone, welcome back to Making Everyday Magic! In this ninth-grade edition of our homeschooling journey, we’re diving into the exciting world of crafting a comprehensive and totally free college bound high school curriculum. Join me, Shanna, as I share my research and choices for English, math, science, history, and more. Before we jump in, don’t forget to hit subscribe, and give this post a thumbs up. Let’s build an amazing list of free resources together!

Totally Free College Bound High School


Why 9th Grade?

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s address why I’ve chosen ninth grade. It provides a well-rounded experience, bridging elementary, middle, and high school. Building a strong foundation in ninth grade is crucial, and I’ve used Texas graduation requirements as a guide.


How I Prepped:

To prepare for ninth grade, I printed graduation requirements for different diploma paths in Texas. This helped me identify key subjects and plan accordingly. Now, let’s explore the resources for English, math, science, history, and more.

Resources Master List From Reddit Super Person!


For English, I recommend Common Lit, a platform with tons of free resources, including reading materials and vocabulary exercises. Additionally, Fish Tank Learning is an excellent option, offering subject-specific content. Supplementing with Khan Academy for vocabulary and test prep is a great strategy.

Common Lit 360     Fish Tank Learning       Khan Academy        SAT Prep


Fish Tank Learning is my choice for algebra, with the option to supplement using Khan Academy for additional practice. I emphasize the importance of verifying your child’s progress, ensuring they meet the required instructional hours for a full credit.

Fish Tank Learning        Khan Academy


Georgia Virtual Learning provides a comprehensive world geography curriculum. The courses cover various subjects, making it a valuable resource.

Georgia Virtual Learning


For world history, World History Project is a standout option. They’ve curated an extensive curriculum, saving you time and effort. Utilize this resource to build a solid foundation.

World History Project

Totally Free College Bound High School

Personal Finance and Economics:

Explore free resources from the FDIC and Georgia Virtual Learning Academy for comprehensive personal finance and economics courses.

FDIC      Georgia Virtual Learning

Critical Thinking:

Saylor Academy offers an Introduction to Critical Thinking and Logic, providing a half credit with a free certificate. This course adds depth to your child’s critical thinking skills.

Saylor Academy

Vocabulary Prep:

Enhance vocabulary through free games and lists on specific websites. Khan Academy is also recommended for SAT prep, aligning with college readiness goals.     VocabTest


Delve into biology with the Biology Everywhere specialization from the University of Colorado Boulder. Supplement your learning with Khan Academy and Crash Course for a well-rounded science education.

Biology Everywhere     Khan Academy

Virtual Labs:

Access free virtual labs from various online platforms, ensuring your child gains practical experience in science.

List of Free VirtualLabs: PBSNova LabXChange Georgia Public Broadcasting

Science Coursewear     SLCC     Virtual Biology Labs

Fine Arts Credit: and Art Through Time offer excellent options for a fine arts credit. Combine different resources to create a comprehensive arts education.

1/2 credit art history, any 2 of these options:

Art Through Time     Khan Academy    Music Theory    University Classes


Explore HealthSmart Virginia and Khan Academy for thorough health curriculums, covering body systems and health topics.

HealthSmart VA     Khan Academy

Foreign Language:

Consider Destinos and Spanish Playground for Spanish language learning. These resources offer printables, videos, and games for an engaging foreign language curriculum.

Destinos     Spanish Playground

Computer Science:

Saylor Academy provides an Introduction to Computer Science, offering a half credit. Explore additional free courses from various colleges to enhance computer science education.

Saylor Academy

Volunteering and Extracurriculars:

Prioritize volunteer opportunities and consider low-cost investments for science labs, dual credit programs, or career training to enrich your child’s education.

Totally Free College Bound High School


Crafting a high school curriculum for free is possible with careful planning and research. Explore the suggested resources, adapt them to your child’s needs, and prioritize their interests and future goals. Remember, you have the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to suit your unique homeschooling journey. Share your thoughts, additional resources, or experiences in the comments, and let’s build a supportive community of homeschoolers! Thanks for joining me on this homeschooling adventure. Be kind, and best of luck on your educational journey!


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