Thoughts on Turning 40 and Everything Else: A Milestone Worth Celebrating


This blog post, which I’ve been planning for a while, is all about my thoughts on turning 40 and everything else that’s on my mind.

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Thoughts On 40 And Everything Else


Turning 40: A New Chapter

Turning 40 is a big deal. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and wanted to share my thoughts with you. For the first time in my parenthood journey, I’m away from my family for an overnight stay, which feels surreal. This milestone coincides with a significant personal achievement: speaking publicly at the Texas Homeschool Expo. It’s a mix of excitement and a bit of impostor syndrome since I don’t have a college degree and often feel unqualified. But I’m ready to embrace this new challenge.


Embracing Age

I’m not scared of aging. In fact, I feel like I’m a fine wine, getting better with age. Each year, I become more myself, caring less about others’ validation. I’m more focused on my health now, recognizing the importance of taking care of myself to enjoy another 40 years.


Life’s Unplanned Journey

None of my life has gone according to plan, but it has turned out so much better. I didn’t plan to get married, have kids, or have girls, yet here I am, and it’s wonderful. I believe that things happen for a reason, and I love where I am now. I don’t have regrets because every decision led me here.


Confidence and Looks

As a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve learned that confidence comes from within. People aren’t scrutinizing you as much as you think; they’re too busy worrying about themselves. Rock your look because you know you can, and don’t let self-consciousness hold you back.


Thoughts On 40 And Everything Else


Be Kind

The most important rule to live by is to be kind. Disagreements happen but can be resolved as long as you lead with kindness. It’s crucial to admit when you’re wrong and allow yourself to change your mind when you gather more information.


Education and Empathy

I believe education can solve every problem. By allowing my children to learn about different cultures and people, I’m giving them the gift of empathy. There’s no such thing as too much learning, and understanding others’ perspectives is invaluable.


Service Industry Skills

Working in the service industry teaches vital life skills like handling others, managing expectations, and delivering with tact. It’s important to know when to keep your mouth shut and reserve judgment until you have all the facts.


Privilege and Responsibility

I recognize my privilege in many aspects of my life, and I use it to advocate for preserving rights for future generations. Voting is essential, and I urge everyone to vote in a way that they can be proud of when looking their children in the eye.


Listening and Respect

It’s important to listen to others with an open heart and not judge their experiences. Respecting others’ truths doesn’t require your belief, just your empathy and understanding.


Thoughts On 40 And Everything Else


Evolution and Growth

Allow yourself and others to evolve. We all change, and it’s important to support each other through these changes. Limits are often self-imposed, and overcoming them starts with changing our mindset.


Parenthood and Career

Parenthood is a life choice, not a career. While being a stay-at-home mom is valuable, it’s crucial to encourage children, especially girls, to have aspirations beyond parenting. It’s about finding balance and purpose in all aspects of life.


Turning 40 is a milestone worth celebrating. It’s about embracing who you are, recognizing your growth, and looking forward to the future with excitement and confidence. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s continue to learn, grow, and support each other.

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