Thoughts About Homeschool And Education

Feeling like the Grinch screaming about NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! In this age of increasing noise surrounding education, I feel it is more important than ever to decide for yourself the direction of your homeschool. As always, I am not asking you to agree with me. I only ask that you allow me the same freedom to make my own decisions that I feel you should have making yours. We are becoming more and more of a society that demands others to do as we do. I know, here comes the hate….again.

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Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic! I’m Shanna, and if you’re new here, I’m thrilled to have you join our homeschooling journey. As a homeschooling family of four, we’ve embarked on our seventh year of this exciting educational adventure. Today, I want to dive into the topic of homeschooling and education, sharing my thoughts on their significance and the need for a well-rounded perspective.

Unveiling a Passion for Education

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Thoughts About Homeschool And Education

The Motivation Behind Our Homeschooling Journey

Our homeschooling journey is driven by a fundamental desire: to provide our children with an exceptional education that goes beyond traditional norms. We aim to equip them with knowledge and skills that extend beyond the confines of standard learning environments. Our goal is to empower them to embrace the world confidently and tackle any challenges that come their way.

Education Knows No Bounds

In contrast to our motivations, I’ve noticed a trend among some homeschoolers who choose this path to restrict their children’s exposure to certain subjects or viewpoints. While everyone has the right to their approach, I firmly believe that education should be expansive, not limiting. We shouldn’t shield our children from diverse ideas or perspectives; instead, we should encourage them to explore and critically evaluate different viewpoints.

Lessons from History: The Power of Education

To highlight the importance of an all-encompassing education, let’s take a journey through history. Looking back, we can observe how access to education has been manipulated by those in power. From segregation to the withholding of knowledge, history reminds us that limiting education and information often serves the interests of a few rather than the collective good.

Present Realities: A Call for Open-mindedness

Consider the present moment, particularly the discussions surrounding public education. Recent pushes to redefine the boundaries of education demonstrate the significance of this topic. Rather than simply brushing aside differing viewpoints, let’s engage in constructive conversations that allow us to grow as a society.

Education as a Catalyst for Positive Change

I hold a strong belief: that education, information, and knowledge have the power to resolve every challenge we face today. The more we know, the better equipped we are to navigate life’s complexities. While you may not agree with every piece of information out there, being informed broadens our perspectives and empowers us to make informed decisions. History reminds us that when those in power limit education, it’s often a sign of impending trouble.

A Final Call for Conscious Decision-making

Before I wrap up, I encourage you to reflect on your motivations as a parent and educator. Let’s base our choices on pure intentions and a commitment to a well-rounded education. Remember, expanding our horizons and embracing knowledge doesn’t harm anyone; in fact, it prepares us for a brighter future.


Thank you for joining me in this thought-provoking discussion about education and homeschooling. Whether you’re a homeschooling family or part of a traditional educational system, let’s all embrace the power of information, unity, and growth.

Thoughts About Homeschool And Education


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