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Hello, fellow enthusiasts of all things creative and practical! Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic. I’m Shanna, and if you’re new here, we’re a homeschooling family of four, embracing every facet of mom life, kid adventures, and DIY projects. Today is a special one, as I embark on a journey of crafting patio furniture and a laundry pedestal. It’s time for the “This Mom Makes” series, where I dive into hands-on projects that both challenge and inspire. The first episode is This Mom Makes Build With Me.

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Embracing the DIY Spirit

Now, let’s set the stage for my latest DIY escapade. I must admit, I’m a bit of a crafter at heart. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, especially if it means saving a buck, unleashing creativity, and experiencing the satisfaction of crafting with my own two hands. Today’s mission: Build patio furniture from scratch and fashion a laundry pedestal to elevate our machines.


Before we dive headfirst into this journey, I must make a confession – I may be a tad bit crazy (in the most delightful way, of course). My husband and I are no strangers to DIY projects; we’ve tackled everything from kitchen remodeling to building furniture. My DIY love story is woven with threads of frugality, a passion for projects, and the desire for quality without the hefty price tag.

Project: Crafting Gorgeous Patio Furniture

Now, let’s talk about the epic adventure of building patio furniture. Picture this – the sun is shining, the tools are ready, and my mind is buzzing with excitement. Armed with plans that I sourced from Ana White, I decided to embark on the ambitious journey of creating patio furniture that is both functional and beautiful.

I must say, there’s a certain thrill in constructing pieces that will grace our outdoor space. Armed with a 10% coupon and unwavering determination, we ventured to the store to gather supplies and kickstart my creative voyage. Armed with plans and a dash of crazy optimism, we laid the foundation for our next DIY conquest.

From Raw Materials to Cut Raw Materials

As day one unfolded, the transformation was underway. I dove headfirst into crafting chairs and a couch, step 1 was measure twice and cut once…. a lot of times!

Amidst sawdust and the hum of tools, the chairs began to take shape. Two chairs down, and my heart was full of accomplishment. I snapped a few pictures of my progress, reflecting on the journey of turning raw materials into stunning pieces that would grace our outdoor haven.

Rising to the Challenge

With the momentum building, day three arrived, and the goal was clear – construct the couch and the table. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t moments of confusion and some “oops” situations, like attaching arms inside out. However, these hiccups added character to the process, and I’ve come to adore the “flaw” that makes it uniquely mine.

The couch construction began, and my hands danced between tools and timber. Despite the summer heat, the vision of the finished project spurred me onward. Progress was palpable, and piece by piece, the patio furniture was taking shape, a testament to my DIY dreams turning into reality.

Conclusion: Sittable Success

As I wrap up this exhilarating journey, I stand in awe of what these hands have created. From patio furniture that radiates charm and invites moments of relaxation, to a laundry pedestal that will revolutionize our utility space, “This Mom Makes” journey has been a roller coaster of challenges, growth, and triumphant achievement. Not to mention, swollen fingers, blisters, and buckets of sweat!

Whether you’re an avid DIYer or contemplating your first project, remember that every step you take is a step towards personal growth and a touch of magic in your everyday life. If my adventure has inspired you to dive into the world of DIY or to tackle that lingering project, let’s connect in the comments below. And for more behind-the-scenes and ongoing projects, hop over to my Instagram, @makingeverydaymagic.

Thank you for joining me in this journey of creativity, transformation, and a little bit of DIY madness. Until next time, keep embracing the magic in every day!

Cushions from AtHome: $194.81 (BOGO1/2 off)

Build Cost With Laundry Project Included: $570.96

No, I am not piecing out the patio furniture cost. Just assume it’s most of that.

Laundry reno coming soon!


Cushions from AtHome

Ana White Plans

2×4 Outdoor Side Table

Modern Outdoor Loveseat from 2x4s and 2x6s

Modern Outdoor Chair from 2x4s and 2x6s

Stain Thompson’s Waterseal Transparent Chestnut Brown


This Mom Makes Build With Me


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