This Homeschool Year Feels Different: A Journey of Joy and Discovery

Hey there, wonderful readers! Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic. I’m Shanna, and if you’re new to our blog, we’re a homeschooling family of four embarking on our seventh year of this incredible journey. In our family, we have a sixth-grader and a second-grader, and every year, we find ourselves navigating the unique challenges and joys of homeschooling. Today, I want to share something special with you – the sensation that this homeschool year feels different.

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This Homeschool Year Feels Different

Our Journey So Far

To give you a bit of background, we’ve been on this homeschooling adventure for seven years now. It all began when my oldest daughter was approaching kindergarten age. She had experienced Pre-K 4 at a local Mother’s Day Out program, and we decided to take the homeschooling path before it became a widespread trend.

We initially started with a distance-based learning program through Texas Tech for my oldest daughter’s kindergarten year. It was fully accredited and provided an excellent foundation. We continued with this program for kindergarten and first grade. However, as the years went by, we gradually transitioned to a more independent and unaccredited approach, fully embracing the flexibility that homeschooling in Texas offers. No need to track attendance or do standardized testing – we’ve enjoyed the freedom to create a customized educational experience.

This Homeschool Year Feels Different

What’s Different This Year?

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. What is it that makes this homeschool year feel so remarkably different? It’s a question I’ve been pondering, and while I can’t pinpoint a single factor, I’ll share some observations and changes that might be contributing to this newfound sense of joy and fulfillment.

1. Morning Playtime Routine:  One of the changes we introduced this year is a morning playtime routine. We still start at our regular time, but we set an additional alarm 30 minutes earlier. This gives our kids the opportunity to enjoy 30 minutes of playtime before starting any formal lessons. It’s amazing how this simple adjustment has set a positive tone for the day.

2. Exploring New Learning Resources:   This year, we’ve been exploring a variety of online resources during breakfast time. Our kids are loving Mystery Science, Crash Course Mythology, Khan Academy for Biology, Times Tales, and Big History Projects. By the time they finish breakfast, they’ve already made significant progress in their studies.

3. Embracing the Joy:   Perhaps the most significant change is our collective mindset. We’re embracing the joy of learning like never before. The kids are enthusiastic about their lessons, asking to do extra reading and math, and eagerly anticipating the next episode of their educational programs. It’s like a wave of positivity has washed over our homeschool.

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This Homeschool Year Feels Different


So, why is this homeschool year different? Truthfully, I can’t definitively answer that question. It might be a combination of factors – our experience, our evolving routines, or even the changing world around us. What truly matters is that this year feels simply joyful. It’s an experience we’re savoring, and I’m genuinely excited about the learning journey ahead.

If you’re in the midst of a challenging homeschool season, please know that brighter days may be just around the corner. Change happens, and sometimes, it leads us to incredible moments of joy and fulfillment. Whether you’re starting your homeschool journey or you’ve been at it for years, I encourage you to stay open to the unexpected and be prepared for the delightful surprises that homeschooling can bring.

As always, thank you for joining us on this adventure. We hope that, in sharing our experiences, we can inspire and uplift your homeschooling journey. If you’ve had similar experiences or if your homeschool year feels different too, please share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, keep making everyday magic in your homeschool!

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