Pre-K Non-Religious Curriculum Kit Timberdoodle Unboxing Secular Homeschool

This is our second year of using Timberdoodle and we are so excited to see what is in store for our 2020-2021 school year. This will be our first year homeschooling 2 kids, Marilyn is starting Pre-K.

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It is the time of year to be looking ahead to your next school year! This year we have all become homeschoolers, voluntarily or not. I am taking you along as I unbox the Pre-K Timberdoodle Non-Religious Curriculum Kit. See in real-time my impressions and excitement as I pull out all of the educational goodies in our box of awesome. My girls have been seriously begging daily to open their new homeschool curriculum. Learn a little bit about secular homeschool curriculum choices. Let me share why I love Timberdoodle and their Non-Religious homeschool curriculum kits. Explore what is in store for our second year using a Timberdoodle Non-Religious Secular Homeschool Curriculum Kit. We are so excited to get started on our 2020-2021 Homeschooling year. My kids have already been playing with the components since filming.

timberdoodle non-religious curriculum Secular Homeschool


Timberdoodle is a family run company that has been around for 35 years. Born from a desire to provide their own children with the best curriculum choices, Timberdoodle has become my go-to for curriculum kits. Timberdoodle reevaluates and curates each item in each kit every single year. They stress a focus on STEM and critical thinking. As a secular homeschool family, we have struggled feeling like the options available are very limited. Timberdoodle offers both religious and non-religious kits in 3 different levels ranging from basic to elite. Their customer service is amazing and they even offer Doddle Dollars rewards. While they do sell kits, you can trade, omit, and fully customize each piece to best suit your budget and child.

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3rd Grade Timberdoodle Non-Religious Curriculum Kit Unboxing Secular Homeschool link here

DISCLOSURE This is not a paid endorsement, nor did I receive any item in exchange for my review or opinion. These are all things I have found, purchased, and enjoyed as a regular consumer.

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