Navigating Homeschooling Challenges: New Year Edition Q&A

Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic, where we share our homeschooling journey. I’m Shanna, and today we’re diving into a New Year Edition Ask Me Anything session. If you’re new, we’re a homeschooling family in our seventh year. Let’s jump into your questions!

New Year Edition Ask Me

1. What Does Our Homeschool Day Look Like (Tuesday to Thursday)?

Our homeschool routine involves group subjects on Mondays, while the rest of the week focuses on independent work for the kids. A detailed breakdown of our homeschool week will be shared soon.


2. Car Learning Tips:

When it comes to learning on the go, consider using car time effectively. Utilize minivan screens for educational movies and pack a backpack with school essentials to keep the kids engaged during travels.


3. Homeschool Trends Over the Years:

Homeschool trends change over time, from poetry tea times to morning baskets. Embrace what works for your family and don’t feel pressured to follow every trend.

If you’d like a look at the rest of this filming day, check this out!

4. Navigating Emotional and Social Challenges with Girls:

In today’s digital age, guiding girls through emotional and social challenges requires communication, education, and setting a good example. Navigating online spaces is crucial in the current social landscape.

New Year Edition Ask Me

5. Tips for All About Spelling:

For effective use of All About Spelling, simplify the process by choosing two methods that work for your child. Avoid overwhelming yourself and your learner by focusing on what works best.


6. Personal Thoughts on Michael Clay Thompson (MCT):

The Michael Clay Thompson curriculum offers flexibility and adaptability. Sharing my experience, I found it valuable in our homeschool journey.


7. Balancing School Over Summer:

Maintain learning during the summer break with resources like Adventure Academy and Night Zookeeper. These tools keep the educational flame alive even outside the traditional school structure.


8. Teaching Preschool and Elementary Together:

When teaching preschool and elementary simultaneously, use resources like Timberdoodle kits and foster independence in both children. Setting up independent activities for the younger one while working with the older child can be effective.


9. Finding Routine When Starting:

Finding a routine involves understanding your family’s goals and priorities. Shifting to Timberdoodle kits helped us establish a routine that worked for us.

New Year Edition Ask Me

10. Knowing When to Quit or Continue with a Curriculum:

Prioritize the child’s learning experience when deciding whether to continue or quit a curriculum. If it’s not working, pivot to an approach that aligns with the child’s needs. My big tip is if it just isn’t working for you, you can likely pinpoint and modify the pressure point. If it’s working against you, that is when you consider quitting.


11. Coping with Routine Resistance and Child Behavior:

Manage routine resistance and child behavior by adjusting routines for the child’s benefit. Consistency and setting expectations play a crucial role in overcoming these challenges.


12. Encouraging Independent Work:

Foster independent learning skills from a young age by gradually introducing independence. Timberdoodle kits have played a significant role in developing these skills in my children. As well as the expectation to help with chores. We stress to give the respect that they are given when it comes to help and quiet time to focus.



I hope you found these insights helpful in navigating your homeschooling journey. If you have more questions or thoughts, feel free to share them. I will surely be coming back to answer your questions again soon! Find me over on Instagram and stay tuned for a follow-up to New Year Edition Ask Me Anything. You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter to stay up to date on what I am discussing and the amazing offers I have to share. Until next time, stay magical!

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