Efficient Time Management Strategies for Homeschooling Families

Welcome to our blog post on time management in homeschooling! If you’re new here, I’m Shanna, and I’m excited to share how our family manages time efficiently in our homeschooling journey and how we manage time in our home. In this post, we’ll discuss our strategies and routines, including the recent changes we’ve made to improve our time management skills. So, let’s dive right in!

How We Manage Time In Our Home

Effective Time Management in Homeschooling

One of the most common questions I receive is how we manage our time in our homeschool. With over seven years of homeschooling experience and two children in the second and sixth grades, our family has learned a lot about efficient time management. In this blog post, I’ll share our time management strategies and recent adjustments we’ve made to keep our homeschooling journey on track.


Setting Clear Goals and Priorities

Time management is all about setting goals and allocating time to achieve them efficiently. We believe in starting our day with a clear plan. Schoolwork begins promptly at 9 a.m., ensuring our kids are prepared and ready to learn. Our commitment to maintaining this schedule helps us stay focused on our educational priorities.

How We Manage Time In Our Home

Implementing Effective Systems

Systems play a crucial role in our time management strategy. As a self-proclaimed self-help enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new productivity hacks. Implementing systems for tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping, and cleaning keeps our household running smoothly. For example, we’ve created a two-week meal plan that simplifies our grocery shopping to once a month for non-perishables. It’s like a rinse and repeat of our favorites that are also mostly simple to prepare, limiting the harder prep work of some meals to batch cooking.


Utilizing Planners and Calendars

In our family, planners and calendars are our best friends. I’ve recently adjusted my personal planner to include time blocks, allowing me to allocate specific time slots for tasks. Additionally, we use Google Calendar to sync all our family commitments and activities, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Maintaining a family wall calendar helps us keep track of birthdays and recurring events.


Teaching Time Management Skills

One challenge we’ve faced recently is the tendency for tasks to expand to fill the available time. My husband and I jokingly describe our children as gas, expanding to fill every available second. To address this issue, we’ve introduced alarms as a tool for time management. Each family member has a daily schedule divided into categories like personal care, family chores, playtime, and work/school. These schedules serve as visual aids to help our children manage their time effectively.


Creating an Ideal Day

To further teach time management, we’ve created an “ideal day” schedule. This list outlines our priorities and activities for an ideal day, including individual needs, family responsibilities, fun activities, and work/school hours. This visual representation helps our children understand the importance of managing their time wisely.

I do have a free printable to share that can be found here Hourly Schedule


Staying Flexible and Positive

While we emphasize time management, we also understand the importance of flexibility. Homeschooling allows us to adapt to our children’s needs and moods. We don’t follow our schedule to the letter but use it as a guide. We encourage other homeschooling families to find what works best for them, whether it’s adhering strictly to a schedule or incorporating flexibility into their routines.


Efficient time management is crucial for the success of homeschooling families. By setting clear goals, implementing effective systems, utilizing planners and calendars, and teaching time management skills, we’ve managed to create a structured and productive homeschooling environment. Remember, finding the right balance between structure and flexibility is key to a successful homeschooling journey. Share your time management strategies or challenges in the comments below, and let’s learn from each other’s experiences. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us over on Instagram at MakingEverydayMagic.

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