I can’t say this enough, these are scheduling goals! I shoot for this every day, some time in all the areas of life that keep me balanced. It may seem like a lot but it does flow pretty nicely and once we get into our routine rhythm it just comes more naturally. My google calendar is set to alarm and remind me to move on to the next thing. This is not a google calendar tutorial but you can find plenty out there. Please share in the comments any tips or tricks you have for your daily schedule. So many parents need these resources and ideas right now.

Free Printables! To make your homeschool work from home whole day schedule easier

Flow printable

Hourly Schedule

Links to what we use:

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*Clear Clipboard 

*Erasable Highlighters

**Timberdoodle NonReligious Kits

*3rd Grade Nonreligious Kit 

*2nd Grade Nonreligious Kit 

*PreK Nonreligious Kit 

**Scheduler and Handbook


*3rd Grade 

How to Schedule Your Curriculum Kit


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