Suddenly a homeschooler? If you’re reading this in the Spring of 2020, you sure are! Read on to find out the Homeschool Resources We Love!Β 

Homeschool Resources We Love

Our family made the decision to home school our kiddos upon reaching elementary age. Both girls started out in a mother’s day out program attending 2 times weekly from about 18 months till 4 years old. Back when I worked in the salon, this provided me enough time to take a few day time clients while still being home enough to make my mama heart happy.

Why we homeschool

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Every family has a different reason for choosing to home school. We live in a great district and believe the schools here to be top-notch. We simply felt that having a customized learning plan tailored to the way our children best learn is a gift that we can provide them. We love the freedom afforded us to travel and to take many extracurriculars. There’s a common misconception that homeschooled children are secluded and get no socialization. I would argue that their social contacts are much more quality and their exposure to the community they live in is much greater.

Distance-Based Homeschool Resources

Texas Tech University ISD k-12

homeschool resources we love

When we started home educating we used a program provided through Texas Tech University ISD. Their program is still an accredited program through the state of Texas and is recognized as though the child attends a public school. With that comes the same expectations such as curriculum choice and standardized testing.

I fully believe that while not for us, this program is amazing and can meet the needs of many families.

It is like homeschooling with training wheels.

Curriculum kits

After much research, I stumbled upon a website with a funny name.


homeschool resources we love

Timberdoodle is a company that reviews and compiles curriculum kits by grade level. They evaluate the different pieces to put together a full year based on what they have found to be the best. You can also choose secular or non-secular kits beginning with toddlers through 12th grade.

I personally love the focus they have on featuring many different ways to learn. I also love that they help you to schedule it all in. The golden gem of these kits is that they stress an increased focus on your kid completing things independently. As a work from home, homeschooling mom, this is GOLD! I can schedule a time to help my girls get set up for the day, then turn them loose to complete their tasks.

Kits can be purchased in different levels, basic to elite. There is a heavy focus on STEAM which as a girl mom, I love!

Rainbow Resource

Rainbow Resource is a great online store to purchase hard to find homeschool materials. This site is so useful if you need just one of a usual classroom set or plan to piecemeal a curriculum.

We purchased our Cursive Curriculum through them.


This curriculum has been so well thought out. They focus on common techniques in the letters and this truly blew me away. Paired with QR codes on each page which show a video of exactly the right technique to use, this is foolproof!

Streaming and the Internet Homeschool Resources

Do not underestimate the power of Netflix in your schooling. Whenever I need a great science visual I simply google it with β€œMagic School Bus” and BAM! I have an episode number that I can then pull right up. Don’t think you have to have all the answers! I assure you there is a show, a catchy song, a magic school bus, or a schoolhouse rock that says it better! WordWorld, Super Why!, and Sesame Street are more than shows!


I came across an amazing experiment to show your kids the benefits of handwashing.

You get a flat container and put about an inch of water in it. Then you sprinkle pepper into the water. Have your kids stick in a finger. Their finger gets all peppery. The pepper represents germs. Now, have your kids stick their finger in liquid soap, then dip their finger in the pepper water. The pepper literally runs away from the soapy finger showing how soap repels the germs and clean hands stay cleaner!



For real, these still exist! What you probably didn’t realize is that your kiddo can get their own cards. These are not the libraries of our youth. You can play games, check out movies, check out ebooks, reach goals, and win prizes!

Museum and attractions

There are always classes and tours at museums! We are members at every kind of museum or zoo near us and attend them frequently. Kids can learn about art, history, dinosaurs, space, animals, simple machines, and robots all while getting out and about and having fun!

FUN Homeschool Resources

Here are a few more things that I swear by, games, apps, and sites.


Adventure academy

Khan academy kids

Teach Your Monster to Read

Amazon Freetime

Skybrary by LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow Fame

ABC mouse

Unexpected Perks to Homeschooling Coming Soon

These are our favorite home school resources. Please leave a comment below if you have a favorite school at-home product or resource. Be sure to sign up to get notified of our latest finds.




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