Wanna know why we quit distance-based public school with Texas Tech? Curious how my 1st grader became a college dropout? Distance-based public school with TTUISD was not the best fit for us. Find out what it is, how it works, and how much moola we spent. Most importantly, why we quit Texas Tech.

While I am very thankful to have found the Texas Tech University program, I do believe that we have been better served by moving on.  Only through this program did we manage to find the confidence to branch out into fully unaccredited homeschooling. While finding a secular homeschool curriculum was near impossible at the time. We have truly found our sweet spot.  Timing could not be better since we are adding a second student to our homeschool.

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You can also find a link to the Texas Tech University K-12 Public School Program here

The Texas Tech Univeristy Public School program is designed to best serve those kiddos who need the flexible schedule of a homeschooler, not bound by tardy bells or truancy laws.  However, the program and curriculum are based on the public school setting and are a single serving of a classroom set of curriculum. This made our learning difficult many times in math and science when a classroom poll was suggested.

As a whole, I know that this TTUISD curriculum came into our lives at exactly when we needed it and I would recommend it to those who have a similar, unexperienced need.  Since you have found this post or channel, you are already further ahead in your homeschool journey than I was when we began!  Be sure to reach out if this secular homeschool community can be of any help to you. Watch the video below for more details about the Texas Tech program.


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