Thank you Tenzi and for putting this building game into our lives! Buildzi is so easy to play. Less than a minute from unboxing to start up with an 8 & 4-year-old. The 4-year-old can even enjoy our family game night and not feel like she has been left out and has fun right along with the rest of us. My husband and I enjoy this game as much as my kids and everyone has a fair shot to win. This simple game can be applied and utilized in many ways. My current favorite way to play is the girls get a set of the blocks and build at the dining room table while I make dinner. This is helping both girls to problem solve and develop those fine motor skills, not to mention helping the little work those future writing muscles. I have yet to be disappointed by anything from Tenzi, with the exception of m dice storage, which they remedied after hearing my lone complaint. If great games weren’t enough, their customer service is even better! Scroll down to get the links to the fine products from the wonderful people at Tenzi. You know Holidays are coming!


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*Tenzi game

*Tenzi card deck


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