Navigating Big Scary Sensitive Subjects in Homeschooling: A Candid Discussion

Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic! I’m Shanna, and if you’re new here, we’re a homeschooling family of four in our seventh year of this unique educational journey. Today, I want to dive into a crucial topic that many parents and homeschoolers grapple with – addressing big, scary, and sensitive subjects with our children.

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Big Scary Sensitive Subjects



Dispelling the Myth of Age-Appropriate Discussions

Let me begin by saying that in our homeschool, I don’t believe in the concept of age-appropriate discussions. Every child is different, and what’s crucial is tailoring conversations to be child-appropriate based on individual maturity levels.

In this post, I’ll share why we chose our approach to tackling various sensitive subjects like diversity, death, and political events. I understand that opinions may differ, and I respect that. What works for us may not work for everyone, but I hope this sparks a valuable discussion.


The Intent Behind Our Conversations

The primary goal here is to open up a dialogue on how we, as parents and homeschoolers, navigate these significant conversations. With a growing trend in homeschooling motivated by a desire to shelter children from certain values or threats, I want to highlight our perspective – one centered on education and awareness.

*Disclaimer: I believe more education is always the answer.*


Facing Big Scary Sensitive Subjects Head-On

Recent events, such as the Hamas attacks and ongoing humanitarian crisis in Israel & Gaza, upcoming elections, and internet safety concerns, have prompted us to address big, scary, sensitive subjects. I acknowledge the shift in homeschooling motivations, particularly the emergence of the Christian nationalist movement.

Big Scary Sensitive Subjects

Embracing a Transparent Approach

In our homeschool, we don’t shy away from discussing difficult topics. From bodies to diverse relationships, we believe that knowledge empowers children. While we don’t provide gory details, we ensure our children understand the realities of the world they’re growing up in.


 Responding to Change and Loss

Recently, our family experienced the loss of one of our beloved guinea pigs. We didn’t shield our children from this difficult moment; instead, we engaged in open conversations about life, death, and the importance of honoring those who have passed.


 Empowering Children for the World

As parents, our role is not to seclude our children but to equip them with the tools needed to thrive in the world. Education, critical thinking skills, and awareness are our priorities, preparing our children for the challenges they’ll face as they grow older.

Big Scary Sensitive Subjects

Engage in the Discussion

I’m eager to hear how you approach these discussions with your children. Are you teaching internet safety? How do you encourage critical thinking skills? Let’s share our experiences and collectively work towards preparing our children for the complex world they’ll inherit.


Conclusion: A Call to Action

In a world marked by change and uncertainty, our duty as parents and educators is to guide our children with kindness, knowledge, and understanding. As we navigate these big, scary, sensitive subjects, let’s foster an environment where our children are empowered to make informed decisions and contribute positively to the world.

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