Another Homeschool Year Has Ended: Our End of Year Recap | 2023 – 2024

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Making Everyday Magic! I’m Shanna, and if you’re new here, we’re a homeschooling family of four who just wrapped up our seventh year of homeschooling. We have officially concluded the 2023-2024 school year for our sixth grader and our second grader. Today, I’m excited to share our end-of-year recap with you.

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Another Homeschool Year Has Ended


This Year Speculations

From the beginning, this year has felt different, and I’ve speculated quite a bit on why that might be. While last year felt like a return to normal, this year was truly consistent and even. It’s probably the first full “normal” year we’ve had in our homeschool, considering the global situation that started us homeschooling two kids.

For most of our homeschooling journey, Dad was working from home, which was a big adjustment. It wasn’t until about a year before that global situation that we discovered Timberdoodle and started finding our own groove. This year, for the first time, our family has truly been in our element with homeschooling.

This newfound comfort has been amazing. There’s a certain confidence that comes with having several years of homeschooling under your belt. Everyone in our home knows the routine, what’s expected of them, and what we aim to achieve. This stability has made our homeschool year truly wonderful.


Anticipated Pain Points

I anticipated a few challenges this year, like multiplication with my seven-year-old, but it wasn’t as difficult as I expected. Our success likely stems from setting ourselves up well and simplifying our lives, which has greatly influenced the tone of our home and our homeschool.


Lessons Learned This Year

We’ve learned some valuable lessons this year. One major takeaway is to keep things simple and not overcomplicate our plans for the next school year. It’s easier to add more if needed than to start removing things once you’re already committed. I’m focusing on a minimalist approach for the 2024-2025 homeschool year to maintain a stress-free and enjoyable learning environment.

Another Homeschool Year Has Ended

Group Subjects

We’ve had a lot of fun with our group subjects this year. Some highlights include:

Big History: We completed it with the help of Khan Academy, making it manageable and enjoyable.
US Maps: The kids worked on this independently.
Crash Course Mythology and Biology: These were favorites and will continue into the next year.
Cultured Kid Spanish Program: A great beginner-level course that sparked further interest in learning Spanish, leading my oldest to start using Duolingo.


Individual Subjects

Sixth Grader

For my sixth grader, we used various resources that made a big impact:

Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts: This program has reinforced our decision not to push formal writing too early. She’s now writing essays and doing exceptionally well.
Caesar’s English: Focusing on root words has helped her understand complex words, setting a solid foundation for the future.
Math-U-See Pre-Algebra: We’ll be moving on to their new Algebra 1 program next year.
Khan Academy Biology: This online program was a great addition to our studies and we did use it as family even though it is targeted to middle schoolers.

Second Grader

For my second grader:

All About Reading: She’s now reading for information, which is a big milestone.
Poodle Series (Michael Clay Thompson): This series introduced basic grammar and has prepared her for next year’s language arts program.
Math-U-See Gamma Multiplication: Mastery-based learning has been effective, and she’ll review multiplication over the summer to prepare for division next year.
Cursive Writing: She loves it and has developed great handwriting skills.
Spelling (All About Spelling): This has improved her spelling significantly.

Another Homeschool Year Has Ended


Reflecting on this year, it’s clear that the overall tone has been different in the best way possible. The world settling down has positively impacted our homeschool environment.

If you want more details about any specific curriculum pieces, I have videos on my channel, or feel free to request more information. I hope your 2023-2024 school year was as wonderful as ours. Stay tuned for more planning videos, unboxings, and other homeschool content.

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Here’s to another great homeschool year ahead!

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