Navigating All Things Language Arts 6th Grade: A Comprehensive Overview

Welcome back to Making Everyday Magic! I’m Shanna, and today, I’m diving into the world of all things language arts for sixth grade. If you’re new here, we’re a homeschooling family, currently in our seventh year. I have a second grader and a sixth grader, and today, I want to share our experience with the Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum for sixth grade. But before we delve into that, don’t forget to subscribe, and give this post a thumbs up. You can also connect with me in the comments or on Instagram @makingeverydaymagic.

All Things Language Arts 6th

Our Language Arts Curriculum:

We’ve been using the Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum from Royal Fireworks Press, specifically the Essay Voyage level. This curriculum covers grammar review, essay writing, poetry, and vocabulary with a unique approach that we’ve found quite effective.

All About Spelling:

In addition to language arts, we’re using All About Spelling Level Four, and it has been a valuable resource in our homeschool. She’s nearly done with Level Four, and if you want more details on our spelling journey, check out the this video.

All Things Language Arts 6th

Grammar Voyage and Essay Voyage:

Grammar Voyage is the foundation of each Michael Clay Thompson level, covering parts of speech, sentence structure, phrases, and clauses. We’ve incorporated one chapter a week into our routine. Once completed, we move on to Essay Voyage, exploring good sentences, paragraphs, and essays. The program emphasizes patterns and poetics in writing, and we’ve found it to be engaging and effective.

Caesar’s English Vocabulary:

One highlight of our language arts journey is Caesar’s English, which focuses on vocabulary, root words, and Latin stems. I’ve invested in the flashcards, and the way it breaks down definitions along with Greek and Latin stems has been instrumental in enhancing our understanding. The curriculum also delves into modern-day words derived from these stems.


World of Poetry:

While we haven’t reached World of Poetry yet, it’s on our radar for after Essay Voyage. I appreciate the program’s focus on patterns and poetics in poetry, aligning with the holistic approach to language arts.

All Things Language Arts 6th


Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Read ¼ of Essay Chapter

Tuesday: AAS Lesson, Read Caesar’s English Chapter, Read ¼ of Essay Chapter, Essay Sentence

Wednesday: AAS Lesson, 1 Caesar’s English Activity, Read ¼ of Essay Chapter, 1 Practice Sentence

Thursday: 1 Caesar’s English Activity, Read ¼ of Essay Chapter, 1 Practice Sentence

Ongoing: Reading & Flashcard Practice

Independent: Research & Write According To The Previous Week’s Lesson



In conclusion, the Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum has been a valuable asset in our homeschooling journey. From grammar and essay writing to vocabulary and poetry, it provides a comprehensive and engaging approach. If you’re considering this curriculum, I hope my insights have been helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe, and if you have any questions or thoughts, share them in the comments or connect with me on Instagram. Thanks for joining me on this language arts adventure, and until next time, happy learning!

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