Crafting a Comprehensive and Cost-Free 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Hey there, amazing homeschooling community! Shanna here from Making Everyday Magic, and today’s adventure is all about the wild idea of providing a high-quality third-grade education entirely for free. With prices skyrocketing and inflation soaring, I’ve taken on the challenge to see if it’s possible to plan an entire year of third-grade homeschooling using free resources. I have planned an absolutely free high quality 3rd grade. Stick with me as we explore this journey together!

**Disclaimer: This plan assumes basic resources like internet access, a home, and pencils.**

Absolutely Free High Quality 3rd Grade


Building a Third Grade Blueprint

The Core Subjects:

Before diving in, let’s outline the core subjects we’ll cover – reading, spelling, grammar, handwriting, math, history, geography, critical thinking, science, and a sprinkle of foreign language, art, and computer science. The goal is to ensure a well-rounded education.


The Plan Unveiled:

To kick off, I’m sharing my plan for third grade in this video, and similar plans will follow for sixth and ninth grades. Why? I want to explore the possibilities and answer the question: Can I build a solid, free curriculum for each grade level? Let’s find out!

Absolutely Free High Quality 3rd Grade


Curated Free Resources

Math and Language Arts:

1. Fish Tank Learning: A comprehensive platform offering full curriculums for both math and language arts. With assessments and options for upgrades, it’s a strong contender.

2. Core Knowledge: Another excellent choice for math and language arts, providing downloadable workbooks, assessments, and a robust history and geography unit.

Math Supplement:

Khan Academy: A supplemental choice for additional math practice, especially since the units align with Fish Tank Learning and Core Knowledge.


Spelling Lists Resource: A fantastic website where you can create and customize spelling lists for free, perfect for building out a spelling curriculum.


Cursive Handwriting Worksheets: A free resource that allows you to print cursive handwriting worksheets for practice.


Core Knowledge (Science): The same platform we use for math and language arts also offers downloadable science textbooks, aligning with Next Generation Science Standards.

Critical Thinking:

Education World: A goldmine for critical thinking worksheets, covering various topics and providing invaluable practice from

Computer Science:

1. TypeTastic: An engaging platform to introduce typing skills with fun games and activities.

2. Scratch Coding Junior: An introductory programming platform designed for young learners, offering a user-friendly interface and interactive visual blocks to nurture early coding skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Health and Nutrition:

USDA Food and Nutrition: A resourceful study to introduce basic health and nutrition concepts, covering essential knowledge for young learners.

Foreign Language:

Salsa (Georgia Public Broadcasting): An early foreign language program with videos and supplementary materials, making language learning enjoyable.

Fine Art (Music):

Classics for Kids: A music-based program that explores composers, and provides worksheets, quizzes, and even a podcast for a delightful fine arts experience.

Absolutely Free High Quality 3rd Grade


Navigating the Free Landscape

Testing the Waters:

We’re diving into exploring each resource. I’ve sourced them based on intention, choosing what I would use for my own child in third grade. Check out the linked video down below to get a visual on each of these recommendations. I also have a master list that was started on Reddit linked down below of secular free resources.

Master List From An Angel on Reddit! 

Acknowledging Assumptions:

Assuming you have internet access, a home, and basic supplies like pencils, the plan rests on the foundation of freely available digital resources.


Empowerment Through Possibility

In conclusion, we’ve embarked on a journey to prove that a quality third-grade homeschool curriculum is absolutely achievable without breaking the bank. By utilizing curated free resources, we’ve covered essential subjects and even sprinkled in some enriching extras. Remember, if you search for it, you will find it – the possibilities are endless.

I hope this plan sparks ideas, discussions, and perhaps even more resource suggestions from you. Share your thoughts down below, and let’s continue empowering each other on this amazing homeschooling adventure. Hit that subscribe button, and as always, be kind, be true to yourself, and let the magic of homeschooling unfold. Until next time, bye, amazing souls!


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